Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Vessel Surveys

  • Vessel Condition Surveys
  • Bunker Quantity Surveys
  • Vessel Draft Surveys
  • Vessel Cleanliness Surveys
  • Vessel Pre-Purchase Surveys
  • Tanker Surveys

 Vessel Condition Surveys

Determining the condition of a vessel prior to or after a charter, including bunker quantity surveys. Vessel's cargo holds, maindeck, and superstructure are inspected. Pre-existing damages are noted and subsequently presented in a written report. This report is augmented with digital photographs embedded in the report. All photographs are copied to a CD and included with the report.


 Bunker Quantity Surveys

Determing the quantity of bunkers on board a vessel. Quantites can be reported as ROB at time of survey, or calculated to the time of delivery or re-delivery. Seaport personnel can also calculate quantities of bunkers received, as well as sample the bunkers for laboratory analysis.


 Vessel Draft Survey

Determining the quantity of cargo loaded or discharge by vessel displacement. Prior to loading or discharge the vessel's draft is read and recorded. Vessel's ballast, fresh water, fuel and diesel oil quantities determined. Utilitizing this information the vessel's intial displacement is calculated. At completion of loading the same process is repeated and the final displacement is calculated. The difference between the initial and final displacement is the quantity of cargo discharged or loaded.


 Vessel Cleanliness Surveys

Determing the cleanliness and condition of a vessel to carry a particular cargo. Cargoes require varying degrees of cleanliness and conditions. Knowing what are the requirements for a partucular cargo can avoid delays in loading and insure that the cargo arrives at the discharge port in suitable condition.With increasing bio-security protocols it may be necessary to carry out more intensive inspections, utilitizing high reach "cherry Pickers". Additional testing for salmonella may be required and can be carried out by Seaport Marine.


 Vessel Pre-Purchase Surveys

Determining the condition of a vessel prior to purchase, including tank inspections and review of statuatory documents. The report is presented in a written format. Photographs are presented on a CD in a digital format.


 Tanker Surveys

Determining the quantity and condition of cargo carried on board a tanker. Each cargo tank of the vessel is gauged and sampled. Tank temperature and specific gravity is determined. This data is used to calculate the quantity of cargo on board. Samples are taken for required analysis.


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